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What Does It Cost to File Bankruptcy In Colorado?

Colorado Bankruptcy Fees

Besides the fees a personal bankruptcy attorney charges, you will also have to pay various fees to the court and costs for education classes required by law. Colorado Bankruptcy Law Group, LLC’s fees include a credit report and the education classes your have to take when you file bankruptcy. By referring to your credit report, we can ensure that all of your creditors are listed on your bankruptcy petition. If all your creditors are not listed, your debt to them may not be eliminated.

The current fees and costs are as follows:

Chapter 7 filing fees: $306.00
Chapter 13 filing fees: $281.00

Find Out How Much It Costs To File Bankruptcy In Colorado

To learn  how much it costs to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Colorado, schedule your free, confidential bankruptcy consultation with a Colorado bankruptcy attorney today. Our online scheduling system allows you to schedule bankruptcy consultation at a time that is convenient for you or you can call 303.331.3403 to talk with someone about coming in for a consultation.

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