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Will Bankruptcy Get Rid Of All Of My Debts?

What Debts Will Bankruptcy Not Get Rid Of?

Bankruptcy will not normally get rid of:

  • Money owed for child support or alimony (spousal support);
  • Most fines and penalties owed to government agencies;
  • Most taxes and debts incurred to pay taxes which cannot be discharged (for example, if you used a credit card to pay your taxes);
  • Student loans;
  • Debts not listed on your bankruptcy petition;
  • Loans you got by knowingly giving false information to a creditor, who reasonably relied on it in giving you the loan;
  • Debts arising from “willful and malicious” harm;
  • Debts incurred by driving while intoxicated;
  • Mortgages and other liens which are not paid in the bankruptcy case (but bankruptcy will wipe out your obligation to pay any additional money if the property is sold by the creditor).

To learn more about whether or not Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy is your best option, schedule your free, confidential bankruptcy consultation with a Colorado bankruptcy attorney today. Our online scheduling system allows you to schedule bankruptcy consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

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