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Free Bankruptcy Consultation In Denver, Colorado

Colorado Bankruptcy Law Group, LLC offers free, confidential bankruptcy consultations with a bankruptcy attorney to people who are contemplating bankruptcy.

Our consultations typically take about an hour, but if you need more time, you’ll get it. We understand you have a lot of questions and concerns and won’t rush you to get you out of our office.

During your free bankruptcy consultation, a bankruptcy attorney will ask you detailed questions about your financial affairs. You need to be prepared to talk about how much money you earn, what your debts you have, and what kind of property you own. At times, it can feel very intrusive. Unfortunately, in order for you have your debts eliminated by bankruptcy, bankruptcy rules require you to divulge some of the most personal details of your life. In return, your debts will be gone and you’ll have a chance at a new financial future.

Even if you decide not to hire us, we’ll pay for your online credit counseling class. This class is required for all individuals who file bankruptcy.

What To Bring To Your Free Bankruptcy Consultation With A Denver, Colorado Bankruptcy Lawyer

If possible, bring to your free bankruptcy consultation the last six month of your paystubs and a simple breakdown of all the bills you pay. Also, if you have been sued by a creditor, bring any paperwork you have from the lawsuit.

Our offer of a free consultation applies only to individuals who are considering bankruptcy. It does not apply to individuals who are in an active bankruptcy and are seeking a second opinion.

You can schedule your free bankruptcy consultation by calling 303.331.3403 or by using our online scheduling system to set up a time that is most convenient for you.

We are Denver, Colorado bankruptcy lawyers offering help to people struggling with their financial conditions. We guide clients through the bankruptcy process to make sure they safely gain a fresh financial start.
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