How Can I Find a Cheap Bankruptcy Attorney in Colorado?

Written by Peter Mullison, Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney

It’s not surprising that if you’re thinking about filing bankruptcy, you are also struggling with finding a bankruptcy attorney you can afford.  Lots of people are looking for the cheapest bankruptcy attorney they can find.

It isn’t hard to find lawyers who offer to do your bankruptcy for $499.  Just take a look on or  You’ll also find these offers on the ads when you do a search for bankruptcy attorneys.  Take a look at their websites.  You’ll see the same offers there.

I encourage potential clients who are looking for a cheap Colorado bankruptcy lawyer to make an appointment with one of these attorneys for a consultation.  First, find out if the consultation is with an attorney or a legal assistant or paralegal.  Unless you’re meeting with an attorney, you won’t be getting any legal advice when you go for the consultation.

Then, ask some questions.  Ask what the $499 covers.  Does it include more than just preparing your bankruptcy petition?  Will the attorney talk to your creditors to let them know you are filing bankruptcy?  Will the attorney be there with you when you go to the meeting of creditors?  Will the attorney negotiate a reaffirmation agreement?

Take a look at the other cases they’ve filed.  You can get a PACER account and search for cases they’ve filed.  What have they charged other clients?  $499?  Or more?

Filing bankruptcy is a big decision.  You should work with an attorney you can trust. Ask yourself if you wouldn’t be better served by working with an attorney who is upfront with her fees and offers full representation without hiding those costs from you.

Before you leave our website, though, take a look at our fee information.  We think you’ll find our fees reasonable, especially with the attention we give to each client.  Our fees are full representation, from your first consultation until your case has been closed.  Read reviews from satisfied clients here. Finally, consider scheduling a free consultation with a Denver bankruptcy attorney to learn about the Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy process. Our consultations are confidential and require no-obligation.

Our bankruptcy attorneys in Denver, Colorado can safely guide you to a fresh financial start.
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