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Do I Have To Hire A Denver, Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney?

Strictly speaking, you don’t have to hire a bankruptcy attorney to file your case. The law allows individuals to represent themselves in bankruptcy proceedings. The better question is, “should I hire an attorney to help me file bankruptcy?” Of course we’re biased, but we believe the answer is, “yes.” The United States Bankruptcy Code is complex and requires more knowledge than simply the ability to fill out forms. The process is difficult and you may lose property or other rights if you don’t know the law. Another option that many people consider is document preparation services, also known as “typing services” or “paralegal services.” These companies are not attorneys and cannot provide legal advice. All they are doing is preparing documents based on information you give them. They cannot legally tell you what information to provide. If the United States Trustee discovers that your preparer improperly provided advice or completed your petition, your bankruptcy could be delayed or dismissed.

If you decide to file your own bankruptcy case, you will have to go to the Colorado bankruptcy court in downtown Denver. When you walk into the clerk’s office, you will see several, very large signs on the walls reading, in effect, that bankruptcy is a very complex process and that filers should consider hiring an attorney to help them with that process. We agree. Dealing with all of the issues related to having to file bankruptcy is stressful enough. Having to learn how to properly file your bankruptcy case yourself will only add to that stress. If you decide to represent yourself, do your homework. Among other things, you’ll need to know how to use Colorado bankruptcy exemptions, value your property, and calculate your income and expenses.

Think Twice Before You Hire A Cheap Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney

If you decide to hire a bankruptcy attorney, we hope you’ll take into consideration more than what fee they’re advertising. You probably won’t be surprised to learn that many cheap Colorado bankruptcy attorneys who advertise super low fees ($500 bankruptcy, anyone?), rarely actually charge that amount. Just as you’d think twice before you bought a car from a dealer who advertised a low price, think twice before you hire an attorney who is willing to advertise low fees that they don’t honor.

Why A Cheap Colorado Bankruptcy Attorney Is A Bad Idea

In our experience, there are two primary reasons that bankruptcy attorneys offer low rates. First, they operate as a volume firm, which means that you will have little contact with an actual attorney. Instead you will deal mainly with staff. Nice people and essential, to be sure, but if you want the expertise of an attorney, you’re probably not going to get it at a high volume bankruptcy law firm. The other reason you’ll find bankruptcy attorneys who charge low fees is that they’re new or just dabble in bankruptcy law. The risk with these attorneys is that they might not fully understand Colorado bankruptcy laws.

We’re not the cheapest bankruptcy attorneys in Colorado, but once we set our fee that’s it. You’ll pay one, flat fee. After you visit that cheap Colorado bankruptcy attorney, and then come in to see us, we think you’ll see the difference.

Before you decide to represent yourself or hire a cheap Colorado bankruptcy attorney, we hope you’ll come in for a  free, confidential bankruptcy consultation with an experienced Colorado bankruptcy lawyer. You can use our online scheduling system or call 303.331.3403 to schedule bankruptcy consultation at a time that is convenient for you.

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